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What can AQP do for your cheese factory?

Air Quality Process (AQP) offers customized air conditioning solutions for all types of cheese: specialty cheeses (soft/semi-soft, hard, blue), pasta filata, fresh or processed cheeses. Thus, a specialization of AQP is the management of airflow associated with cheese processes.

AQP is a well-known partner for many cheese producers worldwide and unique for its air conditioning technology and innovation. Plant design fully optimizes return on investment. Their energy consumption is significantly less thanks to the energy-efficient motor (2 to 3 times less than traditional systems). The correct air flow ensures optimal quality of cheese products resulting in limitation of water weight loss (thus higher return on investment) and constant homogeneity of organoleptic properties of the final product.

Air Quality Process has developed a wide range of conditioners to give you the most suitable solution for each of your air treatment projects.

Air Quality Process’ technology makes AQP’s conditioners the only ones in the world that are USDA approved. This means that the conditioners are CIP cleanable and 100% accessible for cleanliness checks. The design offers customers an ultra hygienic installation and production environment. Easy cleaning and cleanliness control of air conditioners significantly reduce the consumption of detergents, rinse water and wastewater treatments. Moreover, airflow management is carried out on a factory scale which makes AQP a complete and reliable partner for all cheese making facilities. AQP’s offerings include :

  • Floor mounted conditioners
  • Ceiling mounted conditioners
  • Air handling units
  • Total airflow management

To adapt to the changing needs of our customers’ production, our floor-mounted conditioners are equipped with a bypass system that allows specific management of air treatment in rooms and control of results thanks to the variation of mixed air flow. In cheese production, for example, the concept of flexibility can be taken to the extreme with an air conditioner ratio adapted to the stages of draining, ripening, drying and cooling prior to packaging.

If you plan to set up multipurpose rooms or mixed basements, our floor-mounted conditioners will fit your needs perfectly.

Ceiling-mounted air conditioners allow you to keep hygiene in your heavily mechanized rooms under complete control.

Like all air conditioners in the range, ceiling-mounted air conditioners allow you to benefit from unparalleled health protection and a significant reduction in energy consumption. In a cheese factory, these conditioners are mainly used to make chambers or drainage tunnels.conditionneurs d'air plafonniers Air Quality Process

The passage of air in the tubes is in turbulent mode. As a result, our air conditioners are the only such devices that achieve near 100% humidity compared to the air during blowing. A fan is installed above the tubes. It is activated by a motor with an electronic speed variator. The latter is located in the center of the heat exchanger in an airtight housing that circulates inward and is cooled by the surrounding cold water. The cold water supply (water glycol or ice water) comes from an external cooling unit, and the hot water supply is achieved by integrated electrical resistors or through the exchanger included in the conditioner.

The components of the air conditioner process a certain volume of air to achieve the necessary temperature, hygrometry and speed.

  • Ventilation: air flows through the tubes sucked up by the fan, which then supplies it to the room.
  • Cooling: in contact with the internal exchange surface, the air is cooled and dehumidified to varying degrees.
  • Condensation: the condensed water in the cold pipes uses gravity to flow into the conical base below the heat exchanger and is immediately drained outside the property.
  • Decontamination: up to 20% of the polluting particles are trapped in the tubes and disposed of with the condensates.
  • Heating up: if the conditioner also has a drying function, the air passes through the tubes of the integrated heat exchanger and becomes warm on contact.
  • Humidification: a system of hygroscopic nozzles (water + compressed air) is integrated into the device. It turns the water into a mist of microscopic droplets, which are homogenized with the blown air circulating around it and can oversaturate it.
  • Regulation: the device is equipped with a highly accurate patented psychrometer. It measures and maintains temperature variations and accurately controls relative humidity, including saturation values.
  • Direct diffusion or diffusion through fabric ducts: the “ceiling-mounted” conditioners and some conditioners “on feet” blow air using their built-in plenums. The “on floor” conditioners are equipped with hard-wearing, lightweight and washable plastic domes and piping.
About Air Quality Process

Specialists in hygienic air conditioning

Jongsma Engineering Solutions has partnered with the company Air Quality Process (AQP) since 2018. The French family-owned company has specialized in hygienic air conditioning for cheese-making facilities for more than 40 years. AQP has now equipped more than 300 plants with more than 5,000 working conditioners.

With expertise in airflow management and unique air conditioners, customers experience the highest sanitary safety. The entire range of air conditioners (convertible floor/ceiling units, automatic/manual CIP) is USDA approved for use in dairies. Moreover, AQP’s global solutions often generate large energy savings over traditional views.

The philosophy includes transparent collaboration with customers, which means Air Quality offers in-depth studies, recommendations or detailed air diagnostics (existing plants). This is to improve sanitation levels, verification of performance and/or post-commissioning training (air-cheese interactions) where possible.

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Want to know more about our partner Air Quality Process’ solutions? Read the Air Quality Process brochure and/or news release in the International Dairy Magazine about its advantages over traditional air conditioning.


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