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We connect dairy industry clients with our partners’ specialists. With the accumulated capital, network and experience, we provide our clients with quick and efficient access to our partners’ kitchens. This unique interface is where innovation and sustainable solutions emerge.






Trusted by organizations of all sizes

For Jongsma Solutions, the customer is key. Therefore, it is enormously important that our customers are satisfied and know how to find us again and again for projects and advice.

As a natural connector, we therefore remain closely involved with the client even after the contract is completed. In doing so, we use our networking and extensive experience in the dairy industry to achieve the best results together.

About Jongsma Solutions

Connecting power in the dairy industry

We stand for customization and help dairy organizations perform at a higher farm level when it comes to technology and processing, occupational safety, engineering and management. In other words, increase our customers’ profitability and produce more sustainably.

Working with Jongsma Solutions is choosing fast, pragmatic and expert action based on broad and long-standing experience in the dairy industry.

By sharing you can multiply, we believe in that. This has given Jongsma Solutions a unique role as a connector and created a valuable network based on mutual trust.

Full-range supplier for dairies

ALPMA's official partner in NL

Since 2010, Jongsma Solutions has been an agent of German company ALPMA, a market leader in innovative cheese production and membrane systems. With several subsidiaries, including ALPMA-Sulbana and Servi Doryl, ALPMA is able to provide total solutions for the dairy industry. This makes ALPMA total supplier for cheese makers worldwide.

ALPMA is the market leader in innovative cheese production and membrane systems. Among other things, ALPMA supplies the FORMATIC and Coagulator that enable the most efficient cheese production, as well as the best micro-perforated cheese moulds for your production process.

Your partner in Dairy

Our added value

Jongsma is a connector/bridge builder with a huge network and adds value in the dairy industry as a consultant. Together with our partners, questions from the dairy are transformed into pragmatic technological and sustainable solutions.

Questions range from process and cheese technology innovations to making plants and processes more sustainable.


Our Projects

Jongsma plays a crucial role as independent program director in the realization of dairy master plans. Engineering issues from specific plants to entire dairies are examples.

Much more whey at Fonterra Heerenveen

ALPMA's RO HighTS provides successful whey capacity increase at Fonterra

Royal A-ware, Alpma and Servi Doryl join hands

Edam multimould cheese vats plus new RO plant

Rouveen ready for the future with new RO

RO plant concentrates whey from 5.5 to 28% dry matter

From 52,000 tons to 93,000 tons of cheese production

FrieslandCampina and ALPMA realize Europe's largest RO plant

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