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A networking event that many look forward to every year is the “DDDD event” (Thinking – Sharing – Daring – Doing), supported by a unique sponsorship collective initiated by Jongsma Solutions. ‘Connecting’ is an important element, and an event that focuses on networking and connecting cannot be missing from that. The event is enthusiastically organized every year, with many entrepreneurs attending.

Each sponsor invites its own guests. In past years, each sponsor had its own sloop filled with ten guests. Cruising the Frisian lakes with locally smoked eel as a stopover, followed by an inspiring session by a well-known speaker with subsequent BBQ and live performance, was the basis for a special day. A perfect end to summer!

DDDD helps talented and elite athletes get started

Top Sports NORTH

The DDDD collective supports the development of the sport of skating. Therefore, the 10 sponsors of the DDDD collective have chosen to support Topsport NOORD in Heerenveen in a unique combination with the cost of transportation. Through a joint contribution, Topsport NOORD can use the yellow sponsored bus to allow skating talents to train optimally at various locations.

Topsport NOORD is committed to good guidance and development of talents and top athletes in the Northern Netherlands. This guidance and support play a crucial role in the careers of talented and elite athletes. After all, all the preconditions must be optimal for an athlete to be fully engaged in a sports career.

The annual closing skating event

The Silver Ball

The Silver Ball is the world’s fastest skating show and took place for the 7th time at the Elfstedenhal in Leeuwarden on Wednesday evening, March 8, 2023. Sprinting, straight ahead. That is the essence of skating and that is The Silver Ball. The spectacular and exciting show over 100 meters,with the best international sprinters at the start, you won’t see anywhere else in the world! Absolute top-class sports combined with unique entertainment delivers an amazing evening!

The Silver Ball is a unique event and therefore offers unique opportunities for the corporate market to connect with the event. Companies can be brought to the attention of visitors, participants and other businesses in a variety of ways, both prior to and during the event. It’s also a great experience to stand in the front row with associates or clients as the world’s fastest sprinters race toward the finish line.

The Dutch Dairy Landscape

Frisian States Yacht Friso

On Monday, June 27, 2022, a special dairy networking event took place on the Frisian Staten yacht. At the uinvitation of CdK Arno Brok, the Dairy met in a unique way. A scenic route was sailed on the Friesian Statenjacht Friso and enjoyed the Friesian landscape, focusing on the Dutch Dairy Landscape.

With Jongsma Solutions as the initiator, several entrepreneurial directors and a special meeting farmer were invited as liaisons, together representing the vast majority of the Dutch dairy market. A valuable day filled with many new insights with plenty of future opportunities for this important sector.