Custombased water management solutions

Innovative in the fight against fouling and material deterioration in steam boilers and in cooling, process water, pasteurization, sterilization and membrane systems


Custombased water management solutions

Jongsma Solutions is agent for Novochem Water Treatment, part of Aquaprox. Novochem provides custom-based water management solutions and is able to provide a thorough site scan. At Novochem Water Treatment, we use our products and knowledge to ensure that these problems are prevented so that production processes can run smoothly. The products that are often used to prevent the problems of corrosion and deposits are not biodegradable or are very poorly biodegradable and therefore pollute the environment. Novochem Water Treatment has developed environmentally friendly alternatives for these products, such as NovoTraqua®. This has been used successfully for many years. NovoTraqua® is recognized as Best Available Technology (BAT).

Novochem Water Treatment’s products can be applied for cooling water treatment, boiler water treatment, wastewater treatment and for sterilization and pasteurization in the food industry.

Controlled cooling water treatment for optimum efficiency

Novochem Water Treatment provides cooling water treatment in industry. Recirculating cooling systems are widely used in industry. Problems that can occur in the process are corrosion, fouling and abrasion. Novochem Water Treatment offers a suitable solution for total cooling water treatment. With the goal of optimum efficiency, uninterrupted process operation and long equipment life. We do this in an environmentally friendly way.

Carefree to a shiny result in the sterilization and pasteurization process

In the sterilization and pasteurization process of the food industry, water and steam are used to supply or remove heat. Without adequate water treatment, packaging materials are not properly protected, resulting in rusting and staining. This limits the lifespan of equipment. With Novochem Water Treatment’s products, we keep the systems clean. The result is better process efficiency, lower energy consumption, fewer production stops and thus significantly lower costs. The ultimate result is a clean end product and undisturbed process flow.

Proper treatment for safe steam production with Novochem Water Treatement’s boiler water treatment.

Steam is a source of energy and heat for many manufacturing processes. When steam is generated, problems can arise in the form of fouling or corrosion. This leads to reduced efficiency or even plant downtime. When a steam boiler stands still, the factory stands still! You want to avoid that. Novochem Water Treatment offers a solution for total boiler water process operations.

Clean water after every process at Novochem Water Treatment’s wastewater treatment plants

Water from various production processes is eventually discharged. If this water has too high a dirt load, purification through a physical-chemical step is one of the choices you have. To remove the dirt particles present from the wastewater, flotation or sedimentation units are often used. The efficiency of these plants can be greatly improved by using flocculants from Novochem Water Treatment. Thanks to this pre-treatment, the cost of disposing of wastewater is significantly lower and the environment is relieved!

About Novochem

Experts in water management solutions

Novochem Water Treatment (NWT) distinguishes itself by continuing to innovate. At NWT, in addition to quality, it’s all about sustainability. In the technological field, they are pushing boundaries.

With permanent project research, they try to minimize the environmental impact of our products. The result is reflected in a wide range of environmentally friendly and low toxicity products.

Both their own particularly well-equipped laboratory and the other departments of the Novochem Group are characterized by clear lines of communication. Not only internally, but also to the customer. After all, you are helped by fast, flexible and adequate solutions. In which, of course, they will be happy to help you with specialist, customized advice.

Customer support is very important to them, which is why we take our after sales very seriously. We deliver our products, but it doesn’t end there. Customers can trust that their water systems are in good hands with us. They do this by having regular full service performed by one of the water treatment specialists.


Totally safe air conditioning

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