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Servi Doryl designs and manufactures a wide range of cheese moulds and ripening solutions.

Servi Doryl

What can Servi Doryl do for your cheese factory?

Servi Doryl focusses solely on designing and manufacturing moulds and specific products for manufacturing cheese. It is through specialising in this way that Servi Doryl fully understands the constraints and requirements of its cheese-making customers, in order to provide suitable and innovating answers. The France-based company supplies cheese production customers worldwide.

Servi Doryl offers a wide range of press and block moulds, for all types of pressed cheeses, from the smallest to the largest. Servi Doryl offers more than 40 different combinations of patterns and perforations, creating a customized solution for every type of cheese. Customers can choose pattern depth (from finest to coarsest), a pattern selection of grained, straight, square or cross print, various microperforations (conical or cylindrical), and adjustable perforation density. Furthermore, it features Servi Doryl has the most complete offering on the market, for every type of soft cheese production and has unique solutions designed for ripening rooms.

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About Servi Doryl

Serving the world cheeses

The French company Servi Doryl (subsidiary of ALPMA), is based in Langeais and operates in nearly 70 countries worldwide and has more than 3,000 customers. Servi Doryl has an engineering department, a plastics factory and a dedicated production workshop for stainless steel and aluminum products. Since 1972, Servi Doryl has been designing and manufacturing a wide range of cheese molds and ripening solutions exclusively for the production of cheese, soft cheese and pressed cheese.

Servi Doryl’s products including cheese moulds, block moulds and coagulation vessels are made exclusively of plastic, but the company also works with metal for products such as drip trays and dividers. Servi Doryl has mastered many technologies related to working with plastics. The plant has more than 70 different custom-designed machines to meet all production needs. Built on pioneering technologies, Servi Doryl has always maintained its capacity for innovation. The latest innovations and patents include detectable materials (metal and X-ray), new patterns and perforations, Hi-Perf technology and maturation solutions.

Servi Doryl serves large industrial cheese producers as well as numerous small and medium-sized products, providing custom solutions even in small batches. Hundreds of different cheeses are produced in Servi Doryl’s cheese molds: soft cheeses with mold rind or washed rind, lactic acid, blue cheeses, uncooked pressed cheeses, cooked pressed cheeses, cheese from goats, cows, ewes, mixed and even plant specialties such as tofu.

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Servi Doryl is a market leader and specialist in the production of cheese molds for hard and soft cheeses. Cheese molds play a crucial role in cheese production and provide the final “look” and “feel” of the cheese.

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