Connecting force in the dairy industry

We connect dairy industry clients with our partners' specialists. With this accumulated capital, network and experience, we provide our clients with quick and efficient access to our partners' kitchens. This unique interface is where innovation and sustainable solutions emerge.


Game-changer in the dairy industry

'To work with Jongsma Solutions is to choose fast, pragmatic and expert follow-up actions based on broad and long-standing experience.'

With over 35 years of experience in the dairy industry, we have established contacts at all levels of business and a broad customer base. In the role of “game-changer,” we effectively and enthusiastically give you access to the capital that sets us apart: the network and extensive experience we have accumulated in the dairy industry. We embrace the idea that by sharing you are also able to multiply.

It is important to build trust between the parties that will allow a solid foundation to be laid for healthy business operations. Careful handling of our relationships determines much of our success. From this emerge resistant and long-term collaborations. By combining this experience and knowledge, we make it possible to quickly and clearly identify needs of our clients. Potential issues range from budget requests, engineering projects to complete turnkey projects. Within complex project organizations, we facilitate as a natural connector and remain involved with the client even after commissioning.

Key points of our approach

Attention & Trust

Delving into the customer through continuous attention and trust.

Monitor progress

Progress monitoring of current projects and vision of future.

Focus on solutions

Focus on solutions rather than problems.

Get things done

Getting stuck into issues and following through to achieve goals.


Achieve agreed upon results and exceed expectations.


Knowledge of both technical and commercial world.


Sitting in the customer's chair and thinking along those lines.

Top-bottom strategy

Shifting gears at the management level.


Focus on customized solutions rather than standard solutions.


Creating and organizing something from nothing.

Our Partners

We connect our clients with our innovative partners:

The role as playmaker

Our Expertise

We make connections between dairy industry clients and our partners. In this we are distinguished by years of experience, a broad network and accumulated knowledge.

By sharing you can multiply, we believe in that. This has given Jongsma Engineering Solutions a unique role as a connector and created a valuable network based on mutual trust.


Every problem is different. We provide customized solutions.

Large network

Contacts at all business levels and a broad customer base.


Are creative with solutions. Together we arrive at a result.


Work with multiple layers of our partners and clients.


The basics start with immersing yourself in the client and paying attention to the problem.


Our Projects

Some of the many projects we have completed for our clients.

Much more pasture at Fonterra Heerenveen

Fonterra successfully increased plant capacity in

Royal A-Ware now with RO plant

Alpma and Servi Doryl realized appealing projects

New RO plant

Rouveen successfully commission new RO plant from Alpma

Largest RO plant

FrieslandCampina realizes largest RO plant in Europe

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