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ALPMA is the world’s leading milk and whey processing, cheese technology and cutting- & packaging-technology company.

In addition to process technology expertise, ALPMA has the technological competence for cheese production of any type of cheese (twarog, soft cheese, semi-hard cheese, hard cheese, pasta filata and tofu). ALPMA is an expert in complete cheese production lines, from curd preparation to filling systems, cheese vats, cheese pressing systems, brine baths and the complete mechanization of the lines. 

ALPMA is known for innovation and customized solutions. Thus, ALPMA supplies the Formatic and Coagulator that enable the most efficient cheese production. The latter innovation is a fully automated continuous curd preparation that ensures the highest possible yield. One hundred Coagulators are now in operation worldwide.

Together with its subsidiary LTH Dresden, ALPMA has been supplying innovative installations for the food industry around the world for more than 20 years. ALPMA specializes in pre-processing milk for dairies and further processing sweet and sour whey into high-quality whey protein products.

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ALPMA offers the customer security in case of calamities to the membrane plant. Free storage of customer- and application-specific membranes at ALPMA saves customers time, storage costs and energy while increasing plant production reliability.

How does the membrane service work? ALPMA develops a carefully tailored quotation for the desired membrane modules. After placing the order, the membranes will be stored at ALPMA under proper conditions in Dresden, and ensures that they are available to the customer at all times within 3 business days. This allows sudden production problems to be met at very short notice.

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ALPMA designs and manufactures systems for a wide range of cheese types and farm sizes. An ALPMA line is designed to be modular and can therefore be adapted incrementally to the growing size of the company.

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The variety of semi-hard cheeses is enormous. Therefore, each product requires an individual production line. For this reason, ALPMA joins its expertise with SULBANA to present to you a comprehensive range of solutions and techniques.

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An innovation engine in pasta filata and mozzarella, Sulbana has earned an excellent reputation. To maximize synergies, SULBANA’s cheese-making technology division is now under the roof of the ALPMA Group. This enables ALPMA to offer customers a customized and comprehensive service in the field of cheese preparation technology.

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The Eagle Eye is an innovativeinspection system for detecting film chips and mold and can be perfectly integrated into a fully automated production line.

The cheese blocks are automatically transported into the machine. In the first station, surfaces are scanned from 5 sides. In the second station, the block is tilted and the bottom scanned. The cheese then leaves the machine via the discharge conveyor.

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The total supplier for cheese dairies

ALPMA’s headquarters are located in Rott am Inn/Bavaria (Germany). With its subsidiaries and agencies and more than 900 employees worldwide, we care for and work with our customers to ensure ALPMA’s success. Driven and supported by two CEOs with experience, strong leadership and an international, overarching business strategy. This allows ALPMA to respond with expertise and flexibility to regional and local issues where we can switch in the client’s native language.

Business association with additional benefits

Our company’s cooperation with the Alpenhain dairy and the specialized packaging company FRISCHPACK offers our customers a unique additional advantage: the rare opportunity to see many ALPMA machines in operation in the immediate vicinity.

Through close communication with users of our machines within this association, we receive not only qualified technological feedback, but also wishes and suggestions regarding our installations. Our customers benefit from this valuable information – with it, the latest forms of ALPMA technology have been tried and tested within this association.


Customized solutions for dairies

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ALPMA’s membrane service

Alpma offers the customer security in case of calamities to the membrane plant. Free storage of customer- and application-specific membranes at Alpma saves customers time, storage costs and energy while increasing plant production reliability.

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