Connecting power in the dairy industry

As an acquirer, we make connections between our dairy industry clients and our partners.

About Us

About Jongsma Solutions

Wietze Jongsma has more than 35 years of experience in the dairy industry. A few years ago, his son Stephan also joined the company. Together they are the heart of Jongsma Solutions.

“Alone you go fast, but together you get further.” This thought is central to how we work. With more than 35 years of experience, we can connect the right dairy industry stakeholders within any project. In this way, we have been successfully realizing projects for our customers together for many years.

We stand for customization and help dairy organizations perform at a higher farm level when it comes to technology and processing, occupational safety, engineering and management. In other words, increase our customers’ profitability and produce more sustainably.

The key to defining customer needs

Wietze Jongsma

As an acquirer, Wietze makes connections between his clients and dairy industry partners. With a wealth of experience in the dairy industry, Wietze has contacts at all business levels. The broad-based customer base makes Wietze a true connector.

In the role of “game-changer,” Wietze enthusiastically gives his clients access to the capital that sets him apart: the network and extensive experience Wietze has accumulated in the dairy industry. Wietze embraces the idea that by sharing you are also able to multiply.

Business continuity

Stephan Jongsma

With a study background of HBO Food Technology and MSc International Business & Management, and a broad  international experience, Stephan has actually been involved in the business activities of Jongsma Solutions since his student days. What initially started in 2019 as temporary all-round support in the company (during a very intensive medical period and rehabilitation that Wietze had to undergo), 

Stephan now works full-time in the company and is closely involved in the various partnerships. Stephan has thus gained the knowledge and experience with the various work areas and the network of Jongsma Solutions. The aim is to play an increasingly prominent role in the vanguard. In this way, continuity in business operations is guaranteed.

The role as playmaker

Our Expertise

We connect clients in the dairy industry with our partners. In this we are distinguished by years of experience, a broad network and accumulated knowledge.

By sharing you can multiply, we believe in that. This has given Jongsma Solutions a unique role as a connector and created a valuable network based on mutual trust.


With our family businesses as partners, we are able to realize customer-specific solutions.

Large network

Personal relationships within client organizations at all levels.


Searching for creative solutions. Creation is the basis for ''customised solutions'' with desired end result.



Delving into the customer, paying attention to the problem and turning it into a practical solution.

Our working method

Together we go for the highest!

Working with Jongsma Solutions is choosing fast, pragmatic and expert action based on broad and long-standing experience in the dairy industry.

A successful project requires many areas of expertise. With more than 35 years of experience in the dairy industry, we know the best experts in each field. By working together, we realize the most beautiful innovations. See more about our methods in the video for “Sitting with Henk” or read more about our methods….

Our Partners

We connect our clients with our innovative partners:

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Jongsma has access to the kitchen of its partners and thus helps dairies quickly and expertly arrive at customized solutions.  Are you interested or do you have any questions?  Call or email us or fill out the contact form below.