Connecting force in the dairy industry

As an acquirer, we make connections between our dairy industry clients and our partners.


Below you will find our different partners and the products we could acquire for you. For further information do not hesitate to contact us.

Products Alpma

PLant Engineering

MF microfiltration

Uf Microfiltration

NF Nanofiltration

RO/ro-polisher reverse osmosis

Combined filtration processes

Production line twarog

Production line soft cheese

Production line semi-hard cheese

Production line hard cheese

Production line pasta filata

Production line paneer/tofu

Cheese Moulds and vats

Products Air Quality Process

Floor-mounted conditioners

Ceiling conditioner units

Air handling units

Cooling units with smooth or bladed tubes

Air flow management

The mobile cip

Products Unique Lights

Engineering (Light studies)

Products Novochem


Watercooling treatment

Sterilization and Pasteurization

boiler water treatment

wastewater treatment

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