Successful whey capacity increase at Fonterra Heerenveen

Fonterra Heerenveen

First joint project between Fonterra and ALPMA worldwide

Much more whey

In the long history of ALPMA (more than 75 years), a solid foundation was laid by Jongsma for the first joint project between Fonterra and ALPMA worldwide. In order to process whey from the new Mozzarella production at Royal A-ware in Heerenveen, Fonterra’s European plant (located right next to the Royal A-ware cheese factory), had to increase capacity. With a €10 million investment, a new building was built in 2019 on top of the existing production by Jorritsma Bouw, which now houses a membrane filtration plant supplied by ALPMA.

The heart of the Fonterra project is a new ALPMA RO HighTS plant with integrated RO plant with Polisher, designed for two different production configurations: a feed flow of 6% to 30% d.s.% and a feed flow of 6% to 9% d.s.%. Both in a capacity that meets the volumes of Mozzarella whey supplied by Royal A-ware. ”With perfect planning and team spirit, together Fonterra and ALPMA were able to meet this challenge, ‘without interrupting the continuous flow of whey and its high quality.” The deployment of ALPMA went far beyond normal levels. They took the right steps immediately, which is not always the standard in projects,” says Johan Hoeksma (Project Manager Fonterra).

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