ALPMA’s advanced membrane plants in the Netherlands

ALPMA has realized a number of highly advanced membrane plants in the Netherlands in recent years. Ausnutria Ommen and Heerenveen, Fonterra Heerenveen, Royal A-ware Heerenveen and FrieslandCampina Gerkesklooster are just a few examples. ALPMA is continuously working on additional benefits for our customers, which in many cases can even be added as upgrades to existing and already running installations.

Reducing water consumption is a very hot topic, important for ALPMA, but even more important for end customers. Ecology is more important than ever, and water conservation is a crucial part of that. In the world of membrane plants, we see many opportunities to reuse water. Thus, the polisher step is almost unimaginable. The polisher, also called an additional RO step, ensures that the permeate from an RO is purified to the point where it can be reused as process water (e.g., for cleaning membranes). In this way, large amounts of water are completely reused rather than disposed of. New measures to increase water conservation are currently being developed and may soon be implemented in existing facilities.