Unburdening customers with complete and safe lighting plan for factories

Replacing bulb by bulb? Or unburden customers with a well thought-out lighting plan with the right lighting level for your company and production environment?

Very strict hygiene and safety standards apply within the food industry. Unique Lights supplies complete and safe lighting plans that meet the strict HACCP guidelines. Lighting that is impact-resistant, splash-proof and shatter-proof, contains no glass parts and is made of easy-to-clean, smooth material. This allows you to make the switch to LED lighting in accordance with the strictest requirements.

Creating an energy-efficient, safe and productive working environment through the right LED solution involves more than just purchasing LED systems. Unique Lights has earned its position in the market through its project-based approach and client guidance. From preparation to completion of the job and all the phases in between, Unique Lights’ project consultants take care of everything for you.

Engineering (light studies)
An optimally luminated working environment starts with professional engineering. Unique Lights employs professional lighting engineers who engineer lighting plans for a wide variety of industrial situations. Based on your needs and requirements, we create a lighting plan with the right lighting level for your company and the environment where your business is located. From pre-engineering, the feasibility and budgeting phases, to detailed engineering. A sophisticated lighting plan is the basis for a safe production environment.

”Due to the amendments to the RoHS legislation, various light sources may no longer be produced and imported in the EU. As a result, the production and import of fluorescent lamps and Compact Fluorescent lamps will stop on August 24, 2023. If your company still (partially) uses conventional lighting, the phasing out of fluorescent lighting will require the necessary attention in the near future. It is important to find an LED alternative for your lighting in good time. At Unique Lights, we think along with your organization about how the transition to full LED lighting can be completed in a professional, flexible and financially attractive way.”