Unburdening in the transition to LED lighting, in line with European regulations

A well-thought-out lighting plan is the base for a safe production environment and significant time/cost savings on energy and maintenance. This is what we stand for with our partner Unique Lights.

The food industry has very strict HACCP standards for hygiene and safety. Lighting must be impact-resistant, splash-proof, shatterproof, may not contain glass parts, must be made of easy-to-clean, smooth material. This is essential to make the switch to LED lighting of Western origin according to the strictest applicable requirements. From pre-engineering, feasibility phase, budget phase to detailed engineering. With this trajectory we take our customers by the hand.

European regulations modified
Since September 2023, traditional light sources are no longer allowed to be produced and imported in the EU, due to changes in RoHS legislation. As a result, the production and import of fluorescent lamps and Compact Fluorescent lamps within Europe has stopped. If your company still (partially) uses conventional lighting, the phasing out of fluorescent lighting will require the necessary attention in the near future. It is important to find an LED alternative for your lighting in good time. At Unique Lights, we like to think along with your organization about how the transition to full LED lighting can be completed.

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