Alpma in Dairy View “Membrane plant thickens cheese whey for transport”

In the December 2019 edition of Zuivelzicht, extensive coverage is given to the realization of the Alpma membrane plant for thickening whey at FrieslandCampina Gerkesklooster.

Cooperation between all parties involved was required given the complexity and the fact that continuity of production could not be jeopardized. Jonkman: “All the equipment in the cheese factory had to be connected to each other so that the product flow could flow through the factory again.”

The technical project manager of the cheese factory in Gerkesklooster let it be known that the supplier of the membrane plant knew how to handle this well. “Wietze Jongsma of Jongsma Engineering Solutions has taken care of both us and Alpma, which he represents, from the very beginning of the project to the commissioning of the membrane installation. “Solutions were sought and found time and again thanks to a positive professional attitude – ‘a deal is a deal’.

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