Air Quality Process optimizes ROI and reduces energy consumption 2 to 3 times

Air Quality Process (AQP) has specialized in hygienic air conditioning for cheese-making facilities for more than 40 years. AQP offers customized solutions for all types of cheese: specialty cheeses (soft/semi-soft, hard, blue), pasta filata, fresh or processed cheeses. Thus, a specialization of AQP is the management of airflow associated with cheese processes.

Air Quality Process is a well-known partner for many cheese makers worldwide and unique for its air conditioning technology and innovation. Plant design fully optimizes return on investment. This makes it possible to offer very low-power motors, which can reduce electricity consumption by 2-3 times compared to traditional installations. Proper air flow (full circulation of air) ensures optimal quality of cheese products resulting in limitation of water weight loss (thus higher return on investment) and constant homogeneity of organoleptic properties.

The design offers customers an ultra hygienic installation. What this means is that the CIP cleanable conditioners are easy and quicker to clean and 100% accessible for cleanliness checks, making only Air Quality Process USDA approved technology. The easy cleaning and cleanliness control of air conditioners significantly reduce the consumption of detergents, rinse water and wastewater treatments. Moreover, airflow management is carried out on a factory scale which makes AQP a complete and reliable partner for all cheese making facilities. Click here for more info.