ALPMA News & Trends – Process technology for plant based foods

The latest edition of ALPMA News & Trends highlights actual topics and projects, including the developments of VeganoProt, ALPMA’s line for Vegan Protein Diversity, which was launched last year.

Plantbased foods have long since ceased to be just a trend. This development is reflected in the increasing popularity of vegan cheese, yoghurt and milk alternatives. Consumers are becoming more open to alternative products, which is leading to a surge in innovation in plant-based foods.

Protein fractionation is our strength.
ALPMA Process Technology works with customers to develop customised plants for the production of plantor microbial based products. These activities are brought together under the brand name VeganoProt┬«. The many years of knowhow in the extraction and concentration of natural proteins is available for process development. Depending on the application, the following technologies are combined: Microfiltration (MF), Ultrafiltration (UF), Nanofiltration (NF), Reverse osmosis (RO).

Test facilities (pilot plants)
The function of fermentation is to produce alternative proteins by cultivating microbial organisms. Depending on the desired product, a distinction is made in fermentation between two processes, biomass fermentation and precision fermentation. The fractioning of starch plants or proteins from oil plants, such as lupins, sunflowers or soybeans, are only examples of proven technology with high- quality protein as final result. ALPMA Process Technology provides multifunctional test facilities for such vegan products. Tests can also be carried out with supervision by an application engineer.

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