Anuga FoodTec 2024 – coming soon!

In less then two months the ANUGA FoodtTec 2024 will take place in Cologne. From Tuesday 19 to Friday 22 March to be exact. Under the banner of our partners ALPMA, Servi Doryl and Air Quality Process, we will once again be present at the largest international trade fair for Food Technology. During the fair, […]

Succesfull capacity increase at Rouveen Kaasspecialiteiten

Last summer ALPMA extended the FORMATIC portioning device at cheese dairy Rouveen Kaasspecialiteiten. This innovative system is suitable for the production of cheese with closed cutting pattern or fermentation holes. The FORMATIC has proven to be the optimal solution for Rouveen Kaasspecialiteiten. After 15 years of operation, it was time to increase capacity. The need […]

Tofu (plant-based cheese alternative) and Paneer experience remarkable boom

Paneer tofu

With the right equipment, cheese makers are able to tap into the growing market of Tofu and Paneer cheese. Especially Tofu has experienced a remarkable boom in recent years and has become a popular choice for consumers who prefer plant based foods. Precision and efficiency are key factors in tofu production. This is where the […]

ALPMA launches VeganoProt®

May we introduce – VeganoProt® – our new line for Vegan Protein Diversity. Plant-based foods are on the rise, and this trend is being reflected in the increased popularity of vegan cheese, yogurt, and milk alternatives. A study by Mintel found that consumers are becoming more and more open to alternative products, resulting in a […]

Gisbert Strohn (CEO ALPMA) on retirement

Since January 1st 2023, Gisbert Strohn, long-time managing director of the ALPMA Group, is on retirement. He led ALPMA for almost two decades. In October 2003, he joined ALPMA as MD, where he formed the basis for the further internationalization of the Group and focused his work on the expansion and the continued technological development […]

RefineYourBrine: Innovative concept of microfiltration of brine in unit design

Precise, simple and yet extremely flexible and efficient – this is how the newly installed microfiltration unit for brine presents itself. Most cheeses are treated with salt before they are sold, often in a salt bath. However, a salt bath is not just water with salt in it, but much more: because the flora of […]

ALPMA News & Trends: ‘Smart Factory’ approach for Ausnutria

The latest edition of Alpma’s News & Trends features the completed UF project at Ausnutria, the new “Smart Factory” approach. For the impressive new Ausnutria B.V. Powder Factory in Heerenveen ALPMA realized a new complete UF-WPC production line for processing goat whey to WPC. In addition to the proven ALPMA quality, special focus was put […]